Personal Sessions

Qabala Tree of Life Activations

Qabala is not a religion or a philosophy per se. It contains aspects of many religions and philosophies but it is simply a way of working with and increasing our understanding of our own potential and gifts. By doing so we can then begin to use them more creatively and more positively within our lives.

The Tree of Life consists of ten spheres called the Ten Holy Sephiroth with twenty-two lines connecting the different spheres. These connecting lines are called paths (represented by the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot), and together with the Ten Holy Sephiroth they make up what are called the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom. These thirty-two paths are doorways of experience to greater spiritual awareness and evolvement.

Each sphere is essentially a level of consciousness that resides within us. Each is a level wherein are many of our hidden abilities and potentials. The sephiroth then are actual states of consciousness where forces and abilities of each of us operate. The paths connecting the sephiroth are steps by which we unfold and reawaken a greater realization of the universe and our individual places within it. This is called the “Awakening the God Spark.

Each of the 10 sephira represents a stage in the manifestation of Divine Spirit into physical reality…the creative process…the act of Divine Spirit densifying through stages into physical matter. The energy comes from the Nothingness, densifying through stages. It follows a specific manner through nine stages of manifestation, until the energy densifies into physical matter. The physical universe is the tenth and final stage. This sequential evolvement is called the Path of the Flaming Sword.

In the session energy from the Archangels, Elohim God Force energy and also Planetary energy from the 12 zodiac, the eight planets (earth not included), the sun and the moon flows through my hands to activate your personal tree of life and the connecting pathways of the Flaming Sword.

A Qabala Tree of Life Activation Session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Rates are $100 for the session


Journey To Bridge Your Unconscious and Superconscious Desires

This journey session is one of my all time favorite sessions to do when it comes to actualization work. This session helps you reconcile what you want to actualize in your life consciously with what your subconscious feels about it. They aren’t always in agreement. You may consciously believe you want to actualize something without realizing that your subconscious doesn’t agree…. and it’s the subconscious that rules your thoughts…and your thoughts in turn create your reality so it’s very important that both your subconscious mind and conscious mind are both in alignment and creating the same thing.

In this journey you will meet with the symbolic rulers of your conscious and unconscious mind and get permission for whatever it is you would like to actualize. If you get a no from either one of them then you find out what needs to happen for it to become a yes. Sometimes it involves taking you to your source of healing on something or it could be bringing new information to the symbolic rulers of your conscious and unconscious mind that changes how they feel about things…or any number of things…but you find out in the journey and come to agreement with both your subconscious and conscious mind for what it is that you want to actualize in your life.

This is a very powerful journey and it has a profound impact on your actualizations.

The Journey to Bridge Your Unconscious and Superconscious Desires lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Rates are $150 per session.


Live Guided Healing Journeys

All the Guided Healing Journeys available on CD can also be guided live in a personal session.

  • The Guided Healing Journey
  • The Abundance Healing Journey
  • The Inner Power Healing Journey
  • The Unworthiness Healing Journey

These Personally Guided Healing Journeys take approximately 2 1/2 hours

The rate for these sessions is $250 per session.


Shamanic Soul Retrieval Journeys (Also available for Pets)

Sometimes during traumatic events such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, accidents, death or separation from a loved one, war, or any other type of trauma, one may experience what the Shamans call “soul loss”.  Psychologists would probably refer to this as “dissociation”.

What the Shaman believes is that this soul part fragments off and leaves the body for self-preservation and goes to a different dimension where time doesn’t exist.  What may seem like moments to the soul part may be years here on the earth plane.  The Shaman travels to these other dimensions where the soul parts took refuge, collects them, and then brings them back to the person’s body so they can have their soul part back and in present time where no trauma exists.  This is a very powerful healing method for anyone suffering from any type of post traumatic stress.

Soul Retrievals also work really well for pets that have gone through trauma such as being attacked by a predator, surgery, abuse, separation from their owners, or sudden changes to their familiar surroundings such as being quarantined or lost for days in an unknown area.

Session Length Approximately 1 Hour

Rates are $100 for the session


Soul Remembering Journey To Find Your Life’s Purpose

Soul Remembering is another beautiful process of shamanic work.  It is not about a soul part that is lost and fragmented off, rather it is about a part that is buried so deep in the unconscious and forgotten that it needs special help to bring it back to consciousness.  We all came into our lives for a special purpose.  We knew this purpose very clearly before we birthed into our physical bodies.

Often over time with getting busy in day to day activities or pressure and influence from family and loved ones about what is “suitable” to do for your life’s work or disconnection from your emotions and feelings what can happen is that one can become unable to hear their soul talking to them….true joy comes from living and doing your soul purpose.  Soul remembering is a process of shamanically journeying back to the moment before you took your body when you knew very clearly what you were coming into this life to do and then collecting that information and bringing it back in symbol form into your heart and crown.

Session Length Approximately 1 Hour

Rates are $100 for the session


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