Guided Healing Journeys for Subconscious Reprogramming

Finally a Way To Change The Information
That’s Secretly Running Your Life!

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns over and over again in your life? Attracting the same type of person or relationship over and over again or always struggling with money and finances with nothing ever changing? It’s time to change the programs running on auto-pilot in your subconscious.

We all know that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our reality and that especially includes our subconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we may not even be aware of but are nonetheless continuing to create our current reality.

Your subconscious mind controls over 90 percent of your body and its functions and also most of the patterns and programming in your psyche which is creating your current life experience!

Guided Healing Journeys work with re-patterning EXISTING programming in the subconscious that can be conflicting and sabotaging to what you want to create and manifest. The Guided Healing Journeys help to make your subconscious more of a clean slate to work with and help you change the programs you have running on auto-pilot in your subconscious so you can re-program the information that’s secretly running your life!

Guided Healing Journeys help you:

  • Heal the Past and Start New
  • Heal Body/Mind & Emotional Issues
  • Stop Repeating the Same Old Patterns in Your Life Over & Over Again
  • Discover Your Unconscious Programming and Beliefs Holding You Back
  • Change the Programs Running on Auto-pilot in Your Subconscious
  • Re-pattern Your Old Limiting Beliefs
  • Stop Sabotaging Your Success
  • Expand Your Capacity to Create & Receive Abundance
  • Become a Powerful Actualizer in Your Life

Guided Healing Journeys allow you to access your subconscious by using guided imagery and guided visualization to enter the land of the unconscious realm and access your own inner healing wisdom…and this inner healing wisdom guides you to uncover the root cause of your issues, and not only uncover those issues, but finally resolve them, complete them and finish with them for good!

In a Guided Healing Journey you access specific cell memories held inside your body where an experience related to the issue you are addressing is stored, empty out any emotion or trauma held inside the cell, and then do cellular re-patterning so the body and emotions can go back to their natural state of well being.

Through subconsicous reprogramming and cellular repatterning you can heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually in an empowered way that accesses your own inner wisdom and knowing.

So how do Guided Healing Journeys work exactly?

What has been discovered in the field of cellular biology is that whenever we have an intense, powerful emotion that we repress or shut down, specific chemical changes take place in our bodies.

These can affect certain cell receptors, blocking those cells from communicating with the other cells in our bodies. If these affected cells remain blocked over a long period of time then there is an increased likelihood that if disease occurs, it will occur in the part of the body where the cell receptors are blocked.

In order to negatively program our cells, we have to be in a peak emotional state and we have to repress the emotion at the time. This repressive action is what releases the chemistry that can begin the programming or blocking process. What has also been discovered is that when we feel and express our emotions healthily and totally our cell receptors remain open.

The cells in your body regenerate at different rates. Your eyes cells regenerate every two days and your skin cells regenerate about every 20 to 30 days, the cells in the liver regenerate about every 6 weeks, and your stomach lining regenerates about every four days. So for example if you had eye problems and needed glasses for more than 2 days what is happening? Every cell in your eye is brand new every two days.

What’s happening is that the memory from the old cell, sometimes called a phantom memory, is passed on to the new cell being born so the eye problem is replicated again and again even though the cell is entirely new…and this continues indefinitely until the cell programming is interrupted.

Once the cell programming is interrupted, the possibility for healing is enabled. So in your Guided Healing Journey your own healing wisdom will guide you to a specific cell memory in your body that is at the core of the issue you are addressing and you will have the chance to empty out any emotion or trauma held inside the cell and then do a process of re-patterning the cell with more resourceful options.

So when the cell goes to replicate and is getting ready to pass on its information to the new cell being born it now has a healthy option to pass on to the new cell and the old programming in interrupted and NOT passed on to the new cell being born so cellular healing is enabled.

What the Guided Healing Journey does via guided imagery is to guide you in a safe and gentle way to specific cell memories, so that you can finally feel and release the stored pain, let go of the story and memory and forgive the people involved.

Then you are given healthy, empowering internal emotional resources so that in the future you can respond to stressful situations from a healthier place. After this process your healing wisdom then guides you to find your source of healing for the issue you are addressing.

The Most Important Key to Healing

An essential part of emptying out and releasing the unresolved emotional content held inside the cell memory is coming to a place of forgiveness. Forgiveness is actually the core and the key to allhealing. You cannot both hold onto something and let it go at the same time.  You are either holding onto it or you are letting it go.

When we forgive we are releasing holding onto blaming something or someone and are letting go of all the judgment, hurt, pain, wounding, anger, hatred, all the unspoken thoughts and words, and our stories of injustice…when everything is completely emptied out and let go of and nothing is left but empty space forgiveness comes naturally on its own and fills up the empty space and then true healing begins on all levels of our being …. physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If all the unexpressed emotion is not emptied out, forgiveness can feel incomplete, false, and artificial….like lip service and the old programming is not interrupted and will still be passed on to the new cell and the old disease pattern will continue so it’s essential to be total with your expressing and releasing of everything held inside.

Another aspect of not completely emptying out all the unexpressed emotion is jumping too quickly to forgiveness. Often books on forgiveness will suggest that you repeat the words “I forgive you” as a type of affirmation, but in doing this you never get the chance to fully face and release the stored up emotion held inside.

When you force yourself to forgive or jump too quickly to forgiveness before all the ugly, painful, hurtful, and angry feelings get fully released it is a form of denial or repression of your real feelings and once a feeling is repressed it magnifies in intensity then they come up again stronger and louder and angrier that they weren’t expressed truthfully the first time.

Have you noticed what happens when you get angry at another person and you don’t hold back and really express to the other person how angry or hurt you really are…when you share your true feelings and heartfelt pain? Inevitably, the other person senses your vulnerability and feels they can share the truth of how they are feeling as well, and when you both are completely vented and emptied out, forgiveness arises naturally and fully, seemingly out of nowhere.

You kiss and make up. These are the arguments that don’t get stored in our bodies. So in the Guided Healing Journey it’s essential to really release and empty out your stored up feelings. Once the cell memory is completely empty true forgiveness will come on its own and then healing begins.

The next phase of the Guided Healing Journey involves reprogramming your cells with healthier beliefs, perspectives, and feelings so that in the future you can respond to stressful situations from a healthier place. You can program in empowering, resourceful qualities that allow you to respond healthily to a variety of possible future scenarios.

Your healing brain works much like a computer. It will run your old programming on automatic pilot, always going the same route, playing the same unresourceful patterns again and again, unless you give it new software.

If you give your healing brain healthier, more resourceful options, when it gets to the point of choice between the old unhealthy way or the new healthy way it will always choose the most resourceful programming available. If new resourceful programming is available, then that is what our healing brains will choose.

After this process of subconscious reprogramming and cellular repatterning your healing wisdom then guides you to find your source of healing for the issue you are addressing.

Personal Examples:

I’m going to share with you a couple of personal stories of how Guided Healing Journeys helped me discover my own unconscious programming and beliefs and helped me heal the past and start new with healthier expanded beliefs:

In the course of exploring my own unconscious programming around money and abundance I discovered programming in myself that I wasn’t even aware of. In an Abundance Healing Journey to explore the issue of money being a struggle I was taken back to an experience of when I was around three years old.

My parents had just divorced and my mom was dropping me off at the babysitter’s house so she could go to work. In the memory I was scared because I was in a strange place with someone who was a stranger to me and I didn’t want my mom to leave me….she told me she had to go to work to make money because she wasn’t married anymore and since she wasn’t married and had no one to support her she had to go work to be able to survive financially and she was struggling financially because she wasn’t married.

One of the programs about money passed on to me by my mother that I discovered during the Abundance Healing Journey

was the belief that you need to be married to be financially stable and if you’re not married then you will be struggling financially. I was really quite shocked to discover this was an unconscious belief of mine that I had picked up because consciously I don’t believe that to be true but when I looked back on my life to when I was married as opposed to when I wasn’t married it was actually true in my experience.

I had actualized that belief into my experience and wasn’t even aware of it! I was able to re-pattern that belief in the journey to a healthier belief and soon I found making money….even while not being married…to be much easier and even fun…the struggle was gone! It’s amazing how sometimes small seemingly insignificant events can shape our beliefs that impact us in such a deep way.

An Inner Power Healing Journey I Did:

Another example is during an Inner Power Healing Journey to explore the issue of: “I can’t seem to actualize what I want” I was taken back to an experience that happened when I was eight years old. I had always wanted a pet ever since I could remember and finally my mom let me have a dog. It was already a full grown dog from a previous owner…a beautiful Alaskan Malamute Husky named Chinook.

I really loved this dog more than anything and became attached very quickly to my beloved Chinook. The dog had somewhat of a wild nature apparently and ended up biting my brother and drawing blood. Everyone advised my mom to put the dog to sleep immediately because once a dog like that draws blood it goes a little crazy and will do it again.

I was completely traumatized by the thought of putting my dog to sleep and begged my mom hysterically to please let me keep my dog. She didn’t have the heart to take my dog away from me and put the dog to sleep so she ended up letting me keep the dog. A couple of weeks later the dog attacked a little 7 year old neighbor boy and nearly killed him. The family of the boy gave me a gift for getting the dog off of him and saving his life but I didn’t feel like any kind of hero. I felt so guilty and responsible for what had happened.

The conclusion I subconsciously came to because of this experience is that because I got my own way and got what I wanted…which was to keep the dog…that something horrible happened. The belief I came to was that it’s dangerous to get what you want….If you get what you want then other people get hurt.

Again, I had no idea that this was a subconscious belief of mine until it came out in the Inner Power Healing Journey.  After I released the emotional trauma of that experience and came to a place of forgiveness for myself and forgiveness towards the dog and then re-patterned that belief my whole life started changing. I started to actualize things I wanted in my life with a lot more ease.

A Guided Healing Journey I did:

I did a Guided Healing Journey for myself in an effort to explore the issue of jealousy that was coming up for me in a relationship I was in. My partner and I were exploring being in an open relationship as a meditation for being in a state of love and devotion yet with freedom and non-attachment however when my partner expressed interest in other women I would go into extreme states of jealousy and I was completely miserable so I decided to explore my jealousy in a Guided Healing Journey.

I was taken back to an experience that happened when I was about three years old. My parents had divorced when I was two and I was a complete daddy’s girl at the time and took the divorce pretty hard….and although I learned later on that my dad had monthly visitation rights and would come take me for a weekend once a month, at that age and time in my reality I thought he only came to see me once a year.

One of “years” he came to see me I was so excited….almost like it was Christmas and I was planning on having my dad all to myself but when he dropped me off at the babysitter to go spend time with his new girlfriend instead of me I was so angry and hurt and jealous that this other woman was more important than me.

I really released all this old pain and hurt and anger and jealousy in the journey and came to a place of forgiveness for my dad and it was really an amazing experience for me….very deep. After that Guided Healing Journey the issue of jealousy sort of evaporated away and the relationship with my partner immediately changed…it also ended as well but the jealousy was gone and I felt very free.

These are just a few examples of how unconscious programming deeply affects our current life experience.

Another example is of a physical issue I was having: One night I started having excruciating sharp pain in my upper abdominal and side area. Normally I will always try an alternative healing method first and go to a regular doctor as a last resort but this time the pain was so intense I couldn’t stand up or lay down or walk….I felt like I was being stabbed so I went to the emergency room about 2am…all I cared about was getting some pain killers and getting some relief from this really intense pain.

They did a CAT scan, an ultrasound, a blood test and a urinalysis and the results came back that there was nothing wrong with me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because there obviously was something terribly wrong and excruciatingly painful going on. They gave me another dose of pain medication and sent me home with a $7000 bill.

During the next couple of months I had 4 more attacks like that, although not quite as intense as the first one, and I was completely baffled as to what was going on and what to do about it. Finally I did a Guided Healing Journey into to the area and cleared out what was there (although I can’t remember what the exact incidence or experience stored there was to be able share it with you for this story because it was so long ago) and had my inner healing wisdom take me to find my source of healing for this area….

After the Guided Healing Journey I felt a little bit sick in the area I did the journey to and then a few hours later the hard lump in that area softened and disappeared and I’ve never had another attack in that area ever since and it’s been more than seven years now.

Here’s What Real Clients Have To Say:


“Rebecca guided me through a truly perception altering healing journey. With her nurturing, patient and light energy I was able to communicate with parts of my subconscious mind that had been locked away and tucked in for a long time.The journey took me through scenes which were packed with emotions and allowed for me to speak to my past and to finally release the chains that held me there, not allowing me to be fully present and in the moment. That one journey has allowed me to feel more carefree and relaxed in relation to things which previously kept me anxious and ungrounded.”Thanks Rebecca!!!- Jim


“I was in such a state of bliss yesterday that I wasn’t sure if I thanked you properly for perhaps the best session in my life!The combination of your superb technical skills, nurturing presence and unique style definitely helped me in my quest to re-charge and realign the body mind and spirit. I felt totally comfortable with you and it’s a foundation that I hope to build on in the next session(s).I want it to go deeper, peeling back the onion a little bit more, learning more about myself both at the conscious and sub-conscious levels.Looking forward to seeing you again and seeking your healing guidance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.”Thanks Rebecca!- Robb


“After spending a session on “The Abundance Healing Journey” with Rebecca, I have noticed a difference in the way I look at money.

I am more responsible with money and I was also able to get my debt under control. I feel more comfortable with holding on to money and I realize that there is enough abundance for everyone. I will always have what I need and more.”- Christi


“I came to you with some concerns about my current income status. As you worked through The Abundance Healing Journey, a belief was revealed that actually stemmed from a health related life pattern.The ensuing clearing steps were effective because I noticed an immediate change in my attitude that pertained to my ability to produce what would be required to support my current financial needs.Previously, I felt self doubt and a deep seated despair, resignation, and fear that I would not be able to surmount my situation. This change in attitude equally immediately reflected via my outward behavior.  I became more motivated to take necessary steps that would impact my financial situation. I felt more congruent regarding my confidence to reach out for opportunities that would impact my financial situation. I felt freed up to persist and continue doing my part to research and act on opportunities.I felt certain that the right scenario would present itself versus my tendency to doubt myself and/or to think that my life could not go beyond a chronic state of limitation. I endorse this Guided Healing Journey to anyone who is ready to believe that layers of limitations can be lifted and transmuted so that one’s hopes and dreams can be attained. Thank you Rebecca

- Sasha


 “I was amazed at what I learned about my adopted habits and subconscious beliefs regarding handling money. Not only did we uncover the sabotaging beliefs and handle them I came away with techniques that could be applied to other areas of my life.Thank You!”- Catherine

Guided Healing Journeys are a very special and amazing type of healing that is accessible to everyone and I highly recommend this for any type of chronic or long standing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issue that you are ready to finally release from your life.

Physical & Emotional Healing Journey

What the Physical and Emotional Healing Journey does is to guide you in a safe and gentle way to specific cell memories of experiences you have had that are affecting you emotionally and physically so that you can finally feel and release the stored pain, let go of the story and memory and forgive the people involved. Then you are given healthy, empowering internal emotional resources so that you can healthily and freely respond to life in the future.

In doing Guided Healing Journeys when you release old limiting patterns and cell memories, the body automatically goes about the natural process of healing on its own. When you address the unresolved emotional issues in life, physical symptoms can lessen or disappear altogether, and overall health, energy, and vitality often improve radically.

Healing can be a magical and wondrous experience. Your own body wisdom is eager to work with you in clearing these old issues and it goes about the process of healing quite naturally.

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Abundance Healing Journey

When it comes to abundance in your life, your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. A lack of money and abundance in your life is merely an outward manifestation of what’s going on underneath. Your present circumstances reflect with detailed accuracy where you are in relationship to money and abundance right now. If you wish to change your present circumstances you must change within yourself. The fastest and only way to permanently change your financial situation on the outside is to first change it on the inside.

We all have a money and success blueprint already ingrained in our subconscious. Much of this comes from what we’ve seen, heard, and experienced while growing up in our family and in our culture.

The Abundance Healing Journey first helps you bring into awareness the unconscious programming and beliefs about money and abundance that are running in the background of your mind creating your current life experience and then cell re-patterning is done to release the old programming and create new healthier beliefs and programming around money and abundance.

In the Abundance Healing Journey you are specifically guided to the cell receptors where your emotional incidences around money are stored so that old feelings, beliefs, and patterns around money are released and new empowering internal resources are given to the cell. Then your own healing wisdom guides you to your source of abundance healing where you receive the healing of your abundance issues.

Part of true spiritual healing includes healing our relationship to prosperity. This session will affect the body, psyche, and spirit in a profoundly deep way and will help to bring you back into alignment with the natural flow of abundance that is in all of life.

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Inner Power Healing Journey

Most of our frustrations and struggles with creating and manifesting what we want in our lives stems from an underlying belief that there’s nothing we can do to change our circumstances….that we are powerless to change the way things are….that things just “happen” to us beyond our control. As long as this remains a belief in our consciousness we will continue to create a reality that validates that belief.

The Inner Power Healing Journey is an interactive guided journey through the imagination that helps you heal emotional experiences that created beliefs that you are powerless. In this journey you also change and re-pattern the cell programming where these emotional experiences are stored. After this process your own healing wisdom then guides you to find your source of healing for your Inner Power so you can re-connect and merge with your Inner Power. This is a profoundly deep and transformative journey that can change your whole life.

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Unworthiness Healing Journey

When it comes to manifesting what you want in your life there are three stages of manifestation. The first stage is stating or affirming your desires, the second stage is letting the universe create it into form for you and the third stage is allowing yourself to receive it. The last stage though is where most people get tripped up….the allowing yourself to receive it.

One of the biggest underlying reasons for this is the feeling and belief of unworthiness or undeservingness. Manifestations aren’t rewards for good behavior though; they’re the effects of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, and intentions. When you allow yourself to receive you replenish yourself and have more to give.

The Unworthiness Healing Journey is an interactive guided journey through the imagination that helps you to heal emotional experiences that have created beliefs that you are unworthy or undeserving. In this journey you also change and re-pattern the cell programming where these emotional experiences are stored. After this process your own healing wisdom then guides you to find your source of healing for your feelings and beliefs of unworthiness and undeservingness and helps you reconnect with who you truly are….a magnificent, worthy, deserving and amazing Divine Creator.

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